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1. Knowing Jesus

Who is Jesus? How can we truly know Him? The lessons in Book I of The Disciple’s Path to Follow Jesus do not intend to provide answers to these questions from a historical perspective, nor by analyzing the complex witness of the masses or even the experts. It proposes to simply explain what the Bible and His own words say about Him, and for you to know Jesus, Who offers you life.

2. Following Jesus

The journey of following Jesus starts as we sense God speaking to us and begin a conversation with Him. We come to know Him and His character when He reveals Himself to us in the teachings of the Bible. Bible doctrine is nothing more than the revelation of His character and purpose. In the 10 lessons of Book II of The Disciple’s Path to Follow Jesus, you’ll find Bible doctrines that teach us how to follow Him. There is a baptismal checklist, as well. Book II can serve as a guide to prepare you for baptism, a crucial step in your discipleship journey.

3. Serving Jesus

Following the Master inevitably includes service, because Jesus still seeks to serve through you. When you follow Jesus in water baptism, you receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit which comes with spiritual gifts and the anointing to function and serve in the Body of Christ. Book III of The Disciple’s Path to Follow Jesus contains 10 lessons to help you find your place in Christ’s church and find fulfillment in your call to service.

4. Sharing Jesus

The Disciple’s Path to Follow Jesus book IV is based on Christ’s method as described in the book Ministry of Healing pg. 143. It contains 10 lessons to help instill the concept that God has called us to share Jesus in our setting and in our own way, by mingling, identifying with people, ministering to their needs, winning their confidence, and inviting them to follow Jesus. It is our prayer that this book is helpful to you as you seek to be obedient to the Great Commission.

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